Students are placed in a level according to their ability with a small number of
students per class.

Ea-zy TEENS- Follow our Ea-zy teen course to get you wherever you need to
Whether you plan to pursue a degree at an English-speaking university or improve
your English for your future career while gaining fluency, our ESL program is right
for you.
If you want to travel abroad, work internationally, or simply be able to understand all
the latest movies and music, learning English at our English language school will
lead you down the path you’re dreaming of. Learn English and see how quickly your
world expands
whether to reach an advanced level or English or prepare for an official
language exam such as:
the National Foreign Exam System (KPG) exam certificates)
● UNIVERSITY PREPARATION for the Greek Panhellenic University
Exams (Panelladikes)
Ea-zy English will get you there.

Each intensive class teaches speaking, pronunciation,reading, writing,
listening and grammar in a fun, interactive environment.